What is cell biology? It is the study of the cell’s structure, function and interactions on a molecular level. This approach helps us understand whole organisms, like us human beings, since we are dependent upon the collective functioning of our cells.

There are three important theories upon which the science of biology is based on.

1-    Theory of Evolution.

2-    The Cell Theory.

3-    The Theory of Equilibrium Thermodynamics.

Since we’re concerned with cell biology here, Cell Theory states that all organisms are made of similar unit of organizations called cells.

However, in the present day the modern cell theory includes:

1-    All known living thing are made of cells.

2-    Therefore, cells are the structural and functional unit of all living things.

3-    All cells have the same chemical composition.

4-    All energy flow (metabolism, biochemistry ) of life occurs inside cells.

5-    All cells come from pre-existing cells by cell-division (also known as mitosis).

6-    All cells contain hereditary information which is passed from cell to cell during division.

This is the central dogma. And it sounds boring when stripped off details. What I shall attempt to do is peel cell biology in such a way as to first discuss the cell’s molecular structure. Then the way these molecular structures interact and function. This implies that there will be a good amount of memorization involved, however, the redeeming thing here is once you get to know the characters, the unfolding story will be much more interesting.

Alright, so none of what is written here is to be memorized. I simply wanted to start with an introduction. In the next post, we shall discuss the structures in a cell!